Who are we?

… to answer that we will have to go back before Netflix, before iPhones, even before ADSL … to a time when we thought anything was possible (trust us – it’s a long story)

Our Commander-in-Chief

Bruce Porter (Founder & Director)

Bruce has spent over 20 years helping teams achieve.

These days he prefers to say he specialises in “working with, developing, and coaching highly performing Agile teams” but it really all started many years ago when he was using both arms, 1 leg and occasionally his elbow to make enough cappuccinos to satisfy a Saturday night shift in Milton, Brisbane.

Advocating that ‘anything can be achieved’ with the right basics – Bruce believes that setting up a team to succeed is the most important part of helping your business.

Specialising in Agile & Kanban. Bruce is a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner, Scrum Master & a dedicated proponent of the benefits of being able to visualise a teams’ journey.